Hello to handcraft lovers and friends. Thank you for visiting this site and for your enthusiasm for online shopping. I know we are all eager to return to the world of actual shows where we can handle the pieces and use them and experience them as the creators intend. In the meantime let's all stay safe and healthy!
I'm happy to announce that our annual fall sale is on line this year in coordination with Guillermo Cuellar pottery September 25,26&27 from 10AM-5PM. At that time many new pots will appear on this site and the sites of the other participants, Alana Cuellar, Jim Lorio, and Peter Paul.
I'm especially excited that the work of fiber artist Debbie Cooter will be available on this site starting September 25. Her boldly colorful rugs blankets and scarves are a pleasing counterpoint to the more somber tones of woodfired stoneware. Please be sure to have a look. For more information about the fall sale visit guillermopottery.com. Thanks, Dick Cooter